Screen Text Clicker

Do Automated Fast OCR on Screen Contents and simulate Mouse Click on a Windows 10 Computer. The Screen Text Clicker performs Fast OCR onto Selected Rectangular Screen Area and can be used to continuously Monitor Screen Area for Appearance of specified Text. Various other features of Screen Text Clicker allows you to save Screenshot of Screen Rectangular Area, Save OCRed Text as Text File, Copy Screen Text OCRed to Clipboard and much more. The Language of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be selected from the main screen of Screen Text Clicker.

Main Screen of Screen Text Clicker to OCR Screen Text and Click

Download Screen Text Clicker for Windows 10

Screen Text Clicker is available for multiple platforms and given below download links are available. This OCR Clicker Software works on Windows 10 and runs with minimal computer resources. You can verify CPU and Memory usage of this OCR Software from Task Manager and yes it performs Fast OCR without connecting to Online OCR services and is a Offline OCR and Clicker Software. You can Download and try this Software for Free on your Windows 10 Device running on 32-bit Intel, 64-bit Intel or ARM Architecture.

Features of Screen Text Clicker

This Optical Character Recognition Software with Automated Mouse Clicking feature can be a handy software to Monitor Screen Changes. Given below features of Screen Text Clicker gives you an easy overview of what all useful OCR features are offered by this software. Yes, you can even contact customer support to get relative software feature added to the software.

Right Click menu displaying features of Screen Text Clicker

You can Contact us to share your Feedback, Suggestions or Bug Reports and we will try our best to respond in timely manner. The Screen Text Clicker Software has been built with Automation in mind so that you do not need to wait for something to happen on screen and instead use your time in a better way. The Optical Character Recognition Engine of Windows 10 is fast and works well with lots of OCR languages supported by Microsoft. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, English, French, German and lots of other OCR Languages are already supported by the Optical Character Recognition Engine of Windows 10.

Contact Us

You can Contact Us by writing an email to You can also use default Email Client to initiate sending us an email from the Share Menu of the Right Click Menu of the Screen Text Clicker Software. Your Suggestions and Feedback are welcome and are appreciated.